Boxing Analogies
from Christos Kartalis


  • Mike Tyson could have said: “Coach, you are confusing me with the tactics. Just show me who the guy is.” If you are on the pure power side of things, don’t over-strategize; just go and get the job done.
  • Do you really believe you can become a world champion without getting knocked out once or twice along the way? No world champion got there undefeated. Why are you any different?
  • When you have your back against the ropes, there two options: go down or go back and fight to win. Don’t allow for the third option like of getting away from the ropes without any conviction to win. You’ll just get backed into the ropes again and again until you and your dignity both go down.

More Boxing Analogies

  • Going down on your own terms at least preserves your dignity.
  • “Early Retirees”: the sooner you quit while you are winning, the highest the chances to retire undefeated. Unless you want to find out what your maximum potential is so you keep on challenging. Same in business: you see some great talent some real potential fighters dodge their head down to bosses, and money,…  and they “retire” early.
  • Respect the ones that go down or out. Respect how the winner of the gold always goes out of his way to help the number 2 and 3 get on their position in the podium, like they are handicaps: they are athletes for crying out loud. Show respect!
  • Knowing when to call it quits is as important as knowing when to stand up and fight till the end.
  • Of course you are going to fall down. That’s what happens when you challenge and stretch. How one falls down however is key. When we fall forward, on our fours, we can get up easily. When we fall on our back however, it is tougher and longer as we need to go through additional moves before we get up: get through the disorientation and get on our fours.
  • Tough fights get you to the top while easy winning makes you soft.