Marketing Quotes
from Christos Kartalis


  • A well-executed plan can exist without a drop of strategy. The opposite is never true.
  • Don’t over-aim; move from “aim” to “ready” to “fire” quickly.

More Marketing Quotes

  • Marketing is too important to leave only to marketers. Marketing is for everybody in the organization. We should all market.
  • Niching is undoubtedly a good marketing strategy. Single-niched and over-niched companies, however, can find themselves cornered very quickly and badly. Big companies are always coming into the game or smaller players are always moving into the same niche.
  • Companies make a classical marketing mistake by focusing inside on their product, their positioning, or their expectations. Successful marketing is now defined by how you place yourself in the competitive environment.
  • When your competitor tells you that your ideas are far-fetched, you know you are onto something big. When they stop telling you, then you are probably going in the wrong direction.
  • Good starts guarantee wins in almost all games. The same is true in business.
  • If something cannot be measurable, compared, and incentivized, don’t do it.
  • Be comfortable losing some battles as long as you win the important ones and the war. If you move from battle to battle without losing a single one, you have not taken enough risks.
  • Numbers mean nothing unless they are benchmarked with each other.
  • Do not use previous performance as the standard to meet. Use it as the minimum standards to beat.
  • It is easier to be intelligent when things appear simple and natural than when you struggle like it is the most complicate thing in life.
  • A target is the minimum performance requirement expected. It always needs to be exceeded.
  • Targets are internal performance control tools and usually the result of negotiations among management layers. Targets have little to do with true, “absolute” performance, which is measured mainly in the competitive environment.
  • It does not matter if other companies know your strategies or even have copies of your plans.  No one can execute them like we do.
  • Set targets according to potential, not according to marketing averages, competition, or management expectations.
  • Staying in the status quo is not an option for strategic targeting. Strategize to move forward or fall back. Standing still is a strategy for failure.
  • In estimating the market share, do the opposite of what is normally done.
    • a. Assume that your market share target is 100%.
    • b. Find reasons why it cannot be 100%.
    • c. Find reasons to confront or overcome the reasons in step b.
  • Numbers are almost never misinterpreted; text usually is.