Culture Quotes
from Christos Kartalis


  • Inshallah: Don’t leave all things on God’s shoulders. He appears to have frequent attention gaps.
  • To succeed in other cultures, get out of your office and closer to the market with your body, your mind, and your heart, in this order of sequence. The opposite almost never leads to success. Even if it exists for a time, your success will not be sustained.
  • Don’t just stand by the sidelines waiting for a fumble unless you want it to happen.

More Culture Quotes

  • If you are not willing to commit the minimum to an idea, you will get nothing out of it but the minimum.
  • Do you want to build a “team”? Theoretically speaking: lock your people on a bus, going with 120 miles per hour, for 3 days.
  • Since when are good businesses run like democracies?
  • If good business was a democracy then the business world would be paradise.
  • There are two types of Vision. Most companies have a Vision which is Passive, too generic and not close to the strategy and everyday company life. Then you have the companies whose Vision is Executionary. The latter ones are the true visionary ones and ones to watch.
  • The Winning Combination: We can be in three types of businesses: spending money, saving money or making money.
  • The right combination is related to what we are managing at any given point in time: growth, decline, transition, status quo. Get the combination right and win!
  • History is not merely something from the past.. It is more a clear indication of our future.
  • Most companies see culture differences as barriers… I see them as a competitive advantage.
  • Depths should be: Either “mission critical” or “cost efficient”. The mission critical ones you develop them to be competitive advantage. The cost efficient ones, you outsource if your costs are lower outside.
  • To institutionalize trust, you do it through discipline.
  • Systems create discipline and discipline creates trust.
  • The longer a decision is delayed, the more your decision becomes conservative and more the control moves out of your hands.
  • Professional physical distance is disproportionately related to the ability to influence people. The closer we are the highest the probability we can increase our ability to influence.
  • Democracy is an expensive sport. It is not for poor economies.
  • You can afford to be humble… when you are very rich…
  • Make people feel that although their contribution to the total company is a drop in the ocean, your treasure this drop like the ocean.
  • Risk appetite and risk tolerance is what defines how far a company will go.